• Frozen Fluffy Slime! It’s beautiful vibrant colors mix as you play. you can feel the snow texture

    This slime is super stretchy, blueberry scented, and is so fun to play with! It has an amazing texture, and is so enjoyable to stretch, squeeze, swirl and pop! Our slime is non-sticky and the color doesn’t come off on your hands like other slimes do. It provides a great sensory experience that smells wonderful and can be used for stress and anxiety relief. Slime is a perfect gift for girls, boys, and adults too! It is great for party favors and stocking stuffers.

    The slime comes in (one) 200ml container
    The colours may mix during shipping to a white/grey colour
    Each slime is unique and the colours may be a little lighter/darker than the picture

    Frozen Snows Fluffy SLIME

    • All slimes are made to order so they arrive fresh to your door! Slime may become melted or sticky during the shipping process, so we will include a slime care package and instructions in case this happens to you.

      it will also comes with an activator.

      Recommended for ages 3+.